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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin


Assembly Spring 2 Week 2

An assembly about change.

Assembly Spring 2 Week 1

An assembly about perseverance.

Assembly Spring 1 Week 6

An assembly about love.

Assembly Spring 1 Week 5

An assembly about Hope.

Assembly Spring 1 Week 4

An assembly about our responsibility for the environment.

Assembly Spring 1 Week 3

This is an edited version. Full version:

Assembly Spring 1 Week 2

Note video begins just after 7:00If you do have any comments then please do post them below. They will not appear underneath the video but we will receive a...

Assembly Spring 1 Week 1

A live recording of our first 'MS Teams Live Event' assembly! Enjoy!

Assembly Summer 2 Week 3

Assembly Summer 2 Week 2

Assembly Summer 2 Week 1

Assembly Summer 1 Week 5


Assembly Summer 1 Week 4

Assembly Summer 1 Week 3

Summer Term Assembly Week 2

Enjoy this week's assembly!

Summer Term Assembly 23rd April 2020

An assembly by Mr Jones

Assembly with Mrs Jenkins 20th April 2020

Mrs Jenkins starts off the new term with an assembly, enjoy!