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Eco Commitee

Eco Warriors 

Welcome to the home of the Eco Committee who are known as the 'Eco Warriors'. Our role is to make sure that at Llysfaen Primary we do our very best to protect our local environment and be a 'Green Flag School'. We are a hardworking team of children from each of the different classes and we are very proud of our school and our committee.


Eco News


This week the Eco Committee had a meeting with Julie Morgan AM to talk about a plastic free initiative.  Take a look at the link below 'The Problem with Plastic' to find out more information about our meeting and to take a look at some photographs.  We are looking forward to our next Eco Committee meeting to further develop our ideas. 


Meet the team...




We are in Year 2 and we wanted to be on the Eco Committee because we love making sure that the school and the streets are litter free.  We work hard to pick up any litter that we see.  We want to make sure that people are saving electricity too.   




We are in Year 3 and we wanted to be on the Eco Committee because we are really Eco friendly.  We wanted to make the school really Eco friendly and we would like to attract more wildlife to our school.  We are also good turning off dripping taps to save water and work hard to save electricity in our classrooms.  




We are in Year 4 and we wanted to be in the Eco Committee because we like giving ideas and listening to other people’s opinions.  We really wanted to make Llysfaen Primary school a much greener place and we want to help the school get our platinum flag.  We want to try to reduce the amount of plastic bags being taken on school trips as they are thrown away at the end.  This is a problem that we want to work hard and solve.   




We are in Year 5 and we wanted to be in the Eco committee because we want to help make the school Eco Friendly.  We are going to pick up litter, turn off the lights, close the door to save heat and turn off the computers when they are not being used.  We want to encourage everyone to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.  We will make sure our school is litter free.  




We are in Year 6 and we wanted to be on the Eco Committee because we want to help save the planet.  We don’t like to see litter around the school or Lisvane.  We wanted to help the school be Eco-friendly by making sure that everyone puts their rubbish in the right bins.  We want to encourage our friends to make better choices but most importantly we want to make sure that we are awarded the platinum flag.  We really love nature.  




We are in Year 6 and we wanted to be in the Eco Committee to help make a difference to our school.  We have lots of fantastic ideas for our Eco Action Plan and we know how to look after our planet.  We want our school to be litter free and think it would be a good idea to put litter bins on the field during the summer.  We are good listeners and will share our ideas with the rest of the school.  We want to get the platinum flag this year.  


Our Eco Code




Take a look at the sub pages below to see the Eco Committee and the rest of the school hard at work making our school an Eco Friendly place to be!