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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin



At Llysfaen, learning Science is fun! Through scientific enquiry, the children engage in exciting and enjoyable activities which foster their curiosity and enable them to explore and discover the world around them.
Science in the Foundation Phase
At Llysfaen, children experience the familiar world through enquiry, investigating the indoor and outdoor environment in an engaging and exciting way. They are given experiences that help them to increase their curiosity about the world around them, people and places, living things, and the work people do. Using all their senses, they enjoy learning through exploration, enquiry, experimentation, asking questions and trying to find answers. They learn to express their own ideas, opinions and feelings with imagination, creativity and sensitivity.
Science in Key Stage 2
The children are given opportunities to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired during the Foundation Phase. They develop their skills through the range of Interdependence of organisms, The sustainable Earth and How things work. The children are taught to relate their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding to applications of science in everyday life. Activities foster curiosity and creativity and are interesting, enjoyable, exciting and challenging for the learner. They enable the pupils to initiate, explore and share ideas, and extend, refine and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding in new situations.
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