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Our Christmas Party Day!

Our Christmas Party Day!

Today was our christmas party day and 4LB had great fun. You were greeted this morning by an angel and the fun began!

We continued to work on our fantastic pop-up pages this morning , working away in our lilttle workshop. Then, after lunch we went into the hall with all of the juniors and had a huge disco! We busted our grooves and danced our hearts away for just over an hour. It was exhausting (for the teachers anyway) !

Back in our classroom we had crisps and a drink and we played 'Pin the Nose onto Rudolph'. It was really funny watching where everyone put their nose blindfolded. We thought Joseph won early on as he placed it over half of the nose, but  Ella was the last nose and she placed it smack bang in the middle of the nose! She was spot on! Unlucky Joseph but well done Ella!

We then played pass the parcel and our lucky winners were Caitlin and James, although everyone had a small treat.

It was a really happy, successful christmas party and it was just lovely to play a few games and have a giggle. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Just one more day guys.......and only six until the special day! How exciting!

Thank you and Happy Christmas 4LB,  
Love Miss Bird x

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