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Friday 12th June
What a busy week we've had!  Story writing, playing with water, making movie trailers, creating puppet shows, playing rounders, making circuits. . . The list goes on! 
We are most proud of our stories.  Check out some of our amazing, awe-inspiring work about The Dreamgiver.

 The Dreamgiver by Cailinn Salisbury
In a tiny town on an even smaller island was an orphanage. In that orphanage something strange happened…
          He was a tall, skinny man with long, bony legs but quite strong on the upper half. Silently, the Dreamgiver flew through the tatty, old windows, trying to keep himself secret.
          He was carrying a silky, golden bag, but something shiny was hidden inside. These were no ordinary eggs, these were enchanted eggs. They had golden, magical liquid inside, creating happy dreams for all the children.
          The Dreamgiver slowly cracked a golden egg onto beautiful ballet slippers and an elegant dancer appeared. Then the mysterious creature cracked another egg onto a jazz music poster and the boy played the drums in his sleep. The last child he cracked an egg for was a small little boy. He had an amazing dream about a mini astronaut reaching out to the stars. It was jaw dropping. But then the little boy unknowingly kicked an egg onto a shadow serpent horror book and the astronaut got sucked inside…
As the astronaut got sucked inside he saw beautiful skies. Inside of the horror book he landed with a huge thud. He started to explore and he came across a giant temple. The space boy accidently pushed a stone with some carvings on, and then two humungous lime green eyes popped out of the cave. It appeared to be a shadow serpent which chased the minute Astronaut to a huge cliff. The space boy hung on for dear life…
          At that moment something strange started coming down from the sky. It was some sort of golden liquid and an old elf was shooting them down. It was the Dreamgiver. The golden liquid started turning into a blossom tree and the roots of the tree cadged the ugly shadow serpent.
          The little boy was so scared he woke up, and started to read the book. He heard a fluttering sound and saw the tatty windows open. What could that have been?

The Dreamgiver by George Mingay
There was a sudden unknown whizz in the cold, gloomy, starry sky. A mythical creature perched carefully upon the ancient window sill. The odd figure loomed over freakily. He had very pale skin, and bony legs and tatty goggles. Cautiously, the Dreamgiver took off into the vast room of the Orphanage.
          The Dreamgiver chucked the bag into his hands quietly, the bag was as brown as hay, with something man has never seen. It was as gold as the sun.
          He cracked it slowly and quietly and poured the magical, glowing liquid onto the beautiful ballet shoes. Out came a graceful, elegant ballet dancer onto the bed showing the good dream.
          After the ugly creature went to a young boy with an antique Astronaut book. Once again the amazing liquid was poured onto the old book. The book came to life as a good dream on the tatty, wooden bed.
          The enchanted eggs were disappearing one by one to a boy with a drum dream, to a cricket player dream.
          There was a sudden crack and the boy kicked the egg off the old bed, the nightmare began.  
The lovely egg landed on an old Shadow Serpent book. A beautiful, black hole came out of the antique, enchanted book. The inasent boy was satisfied but then he was sucked in!
         Anxious, the Astronaut looked around him. He was in a mysterious place. Then a beautiful butterfly came to him and sat on his sweaty thumb. But he was not alone.
          The Dreamers eyes were swelling up with water. The jungle was old, ancient. There was a cave as dark as the night sky. The boy made a loud noise. A fuming Shadow Serpent had awoken. A wild chase broke out. He ran faster and faster and faster to a brutal cliff. What could he do?
          The Dreamgiver was guiltily, flipping the pages until he had a marvellous idea. The figure went into the dream using special, amazing eggs. Worried, the Dreamgiver through the eggs at the scary monster and stalks came out of the hard, stony ground. They came up lightning fast and hooked the monster. It turned into a harmless tree.
          The Dreamer woke as quick as a flash he started to read the freaky book and there it was ; his dream. But there was a sudden unknown whizz into the cold, gloomy sky the boy looked quickly and quietly at the tatty window. It was open! What could of that have been…?  

The Dreamgiver by Luke Caple
It was a Monday night when a yellow light flew quickly across the dark sky and smoothly on the ragged orphanage window sill. The mystical creature quickly checked the antique sign. Cautiously and silently he carefully opened the tatty ancient shutters.
          An odd looking creature .- goggles, bald half naked which could fly and a extremely big nose. Anxious, he perched on the orphans beautiful bed. Making sure the sleepy orphans wouldn’t hear him.
          He delicately dropped the glowing bag an inside there were beautiful glowing curved objects . Then he gently cracked an egg on a ballet shoe and the yellow liquid came out. A ballerina elegantly jumped to the happy orphan, then on a book which made an astronaut .
          Then the magical Dreamgiver sneaked silently away, but the tiny boy kicked a gigantic egg which hit another huge egg and it cracked whilst landing on a book.
          Confused, the astronaut found himself in a different place. Now the confused boy had a choice of ways. He went straight on. He found a little wall and a huge cave’s mouth which looked like someone lived there. He leaned against the grey wall.
          Quickly, reacting to the wall getting pushed 2 sun yellow, huge eyes appeared in front of the boy. Then the enormous beast chased the unfortunate child to the edge of a tall cliff…
          The giant monster roared fiercely at the scared dreamer. Something flew swiftly across the sky dropping a golden bomb. Which landed right in front of the terrifying animal. A humungous tree started to grow on top and around the horrible creature.
          Suddenly and quickly the orphan woke up and glanced to his side. Lying there was a book. He picked the scary book up. It was from his nightmare! He read a bit but heard a noise and then the warn shutters flew open. What was that?!
The Dreamgiver by Sion Dring
One dark starry night, there was a young orphan sleeping quietly when a creepy, bony, enchanted figure peeped in to the dark, tatty orphanage shutters. He was holding a silky bag and an ancient roll of parchment. The creature jumped smoothly and landed delicately beside a little boy sleeping silently. The creature opened the silky bag on the boy’s bed and laying there were golden, magical eggs.
        The creature cracked the eggs softly on top of a pair of ballet shoes and magically a young, delicate ballerina popped out of the soft shoes.    He cracked the eggs over sports cards, an astronaut book, and then an astronaut popped out. The boy started having good dreams.
            The Dreamgiver let the sleepy nipper rest. When the figure was about to go, he heard something mysterious…
            The eggs had landed on the shadow serpent which is the scariest book ever made. Before you could say ‘stop’ the little astronaut had been sucked into the starry night portal.
            The young, minute child woke up deserted by a dark, ghostly woodland. When the boy got up and rubbed his suit, he saw eight or ten monuments and a pitch black cave. The Dreamgiver looked at what happens in the book next. He had to jump into the dream…
            The Dreamgiver leapt into the book but there was no sign of a spaceman. When the Dreamgiver was hovering in the air quickly he saw the ginormous inky-black serpent by a tall, lofty cliff cornering the small astronaut and getting ready to eat him in one gulp. The Dreamgiver started throwing the upgraded, golden eggs rapidly at the monstrous serpents back. One of the eggs cracked on a tiny, small weed that maximised it to fifty feet tall. It got tangled round the violent serpent. The astronaut was safe and the serpent was trapped.
            The frightened seven year old woke up with the shock of his life. He quickly got the book and saw what had happened in his nightmare. The Dreamgiver ran out of the shutters as fast as a Lamborghini Aventedor. The boy thought there was a ghost in the room. He didn’t know what happened… 

The Dreamgiver by Freya Baker
 One beautiful, starry night, a mythical and magical creature flew swiftly to the tatty orphanage shutters. The bold figure was kind and thoughtful. He had goggles as black as night and legs as thin as a pencil. He carried a bag bright as stars.  Slowly and gently, the creature touched the tatty, old floorboards with his big, pale feet. The figure glided to one of the peaceful children’s bed.
        Carefully, the creature started to open the glowing, golden bag. The figure was called the Dreamgiver. The glowing bag had magical, shimmering eggs. In the golden eggs there was shining liquid that made joyful dreams for all the children. First the Dreamgiver cracks the egg onto of a pair of pink, dainty ballet shoes belonging to a small, little orphan girl. The loving Dreamgiver cracks an egg On top of a magical, wonderful space book, but when the Dreamgiver had his back to the boy, the boy kicked the egg on a …. Shadow serpent scary book.
        When the Dreamgiver, heard the golden egg crack he knew something had gone wrong. The Dreamgiver turned slowly to the book, nothing was happening, just when the Dreamgiver was about to pick up the book, a strange force pushed him right on his bare back. The astronaut was astounded by the change of scenery, but quickly he was getting swirled in to a strange, purple whirlpool.
When the boy awaked he saw beautiful, bright green and some orange butterflies. Then he saw the grey, tatty path and started to follow it. Mysteriously, bright green eyes stared at the astronaut .The little astronaut accidently made a sound by moving a rock and awaked the shadow serpent. Terrified, the astronaut was running for his life from the dark shadow serpent. Just when he thought he had got away he was on the edge of a cliff as high as a sky scraper.
           The huge, enormous, hungry shadow serpent was about to eat the small little space man. The Dreamgiver came and saved the day by throwing magical eggs at the ground. Soon after the monster was roaring louder than a lion. Quickly , the serpent was pinned down by the roots of the giant oak tree. The huge tree squeezed the beast till all the air was gone from his body. When the brute was dead everything was absolutely silent.
            Quickly and quietly the boy woke up and was relieved that it was all a dream. The orphan looked at his book and started to read slowly and curiously. Just at the end of his bed he heard a fluttering sound. Puzzled, the boy looked at the open shutters…...
Have I got a challenge for you. . . 

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to learn to play a 'new instrument' by the first week back after half term.  Follow the links below for some awesome ideas and don't be afraid to get your families involved!  Try to learn a song that we'd all recognise and record a video of yourself/yourselves performing it!

The Tests Are Upon Us!

Today we have completed the first of our National Tests; reading.  The children worked hard and did their best.  We are one down, two to go, with the Number and Reasoning papers next week.  

Busy Busy Busy

Such a busy time this week.  Our children have worked super hard and with a fantastic attitude to all or our work, from exam technique lessons to practice tests, PE to Guided Reading. 

You all listened brilliantly to PC Sara who came to us to talk about 'Friend or Foe' and made sensible suggestions about how we can keep ourselves safe. 

Maths homework came back in today and we got a lot out of discussing it in our groups and comparing strategies.

More today I'm afraid, but not too much!

Thanks for a great week!

Mrs D & Mrs T

Welcome back!

We have another busy term ahead, so hold on tight!  Our new topic is 'Sensoria', which focuses on science in which we will be investigating Light and Shadow.  The BBC Bitesize website has lots of information that you may find interesting.

We have the National Tests in reading, number and reasoning which we will be preparing for in school, but please visit the Learning Wales website for further information.

As per our new homework policy, you will receive a piece of English or Maths homework every Friday, along with the usual spellings and expected reading and times tables practice.

Croeso! Welcome!
Wow!!.....Year 4 certainly put on an amazing performance! We hope you all enjoyed our Terrible Tudors assembly and were thoroughly entertained this morning. We are so proud of them - each and every one of the little stars! Ti'n seren!

Well, what a term so far! Mrs Turner has joined the fabulous Year 4 team and we have all been busy, busy, busy!

We thoroughly enjoyed showing off our musical talents in our Mamma Mia extravaganza and found out lots of information about ABBA!

Our St David's day competition work was very impressive and we had a lovely time celebrating the special day with the rest of the school. Well done to all the winners!

Going on our trip to Llancaiach Fawr was a great way to start to our Terrible Tudors topic and it was amazing how much information we found out there!
It's fascinating looking into how the Tudors lived and what they got up to in their daily lives. We can't wait to find out more gruesome facts and share them with you in our assembly! We're going to be working very hard on that for the next couple of weeks so we can entertain you all!