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Learn, Play, Laugh

Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin


Autumn 2

Last term we enjoyed learning about Autumn - going on an autumn walk around the school. Our theme was 'Pitter Patter Puddle Play' we got to wear waterproofs playing in our mud kitchen.  We enjoyed dressing funny and making 'Pudsey' biscuits for 'Children in Need' and enjoyed the fun and excitement leading up to Christmas, especially finishing with our Christmas Party.


Before Christmas we performed our Nativity 'A Miracle in Town', everybody was very proud of us as we performed in front of our families, remembered our lines and learnt all the songs.



We have learnt all about winter and one day we arrived in nursery and our playground was very icy and we realised that ‘Jack Frost’ had visited. We learnt a new word - ‘condensation’ happens when it is cold on the outside and warm on the inside of a window.

This term our theme is ‘Twinkle Twinkle.’ We are learning about things we do at different times of the day and all about animals that come out in the day and night. We are learning about animals which are ‘nocturnal.’ We have been playing in our dark den with torches. We are singing the nursery rhymes ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star' and 'Wee Willy Winky’ which made us giggle; a boy wearing a nightgown!


Reminders - P.E days, AM children - Friday morning, PM children - Thursday afternoon, Library books - choose book on Wednesday, return on Monday. Our class bear goes home with the lucky child on Friday, please return on Monday.


Our First Few Days

The Children have all settled very well in Nursery.  They've been busy exploring both indoors and outdoors and the new ramp, sensory path and tunnel have proved popularfrown.

We've been busy painting, singing and playing instruments.


We have started to talk about Autumn and the children have started noticing signs that Autumn has arrived, the leaves are changing colour and the weather is colder.  We are looking forward to going on a walk around the school next week to find more signs of Autumn.