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Wellbeing Task

Mindfulness is a big word for a simple idea – it is paying attention, with care to one moment at a time.  We are often distracted. 


It takes practise to use your senses to focus on one thing and learn to live in the present.


You can practise being mindful by focusing your attention on one thing at a time: what you see, hear, smell, taste or feel.


Mindful Exercises - to explore either alone or with a family member


This week’s theme is ‘Focus.’


Clap Focus

You can get to know what your attention can do by focusing on something.  Creating sensations can give you something to focus on.

Step 1. Try to focus your attention on how your hands feel. Now clap your hands three times, then stop.

Step 2. What sensations can you feel?  Are your hands tingling?  Do both hands feel the same? Can you zoom your focus in on one part, such as the tip of your left little finger?

Remember everyone’s attention will drift or get distracted and that’s okay.


Spotlight Focus

With practise, we can notice what our attention does and move it by choice, like a spotlight.

Step 1. Focus your eyes and your attention in one object in the room.  Maybe point to it with your finger as your eyes look there.

Step 2. Now, move your attention to another object, this time without pointing.  If you start thinking about something else, bring your focus back to the object.

Step 3. Let your attention be like a spotlight.  Look around and rest your attention on each object you find for about 10 seconds.  Notice its colour and shape. You may notice that as you pay attention to each item that everything else goes out of focus.  Try it out on several things in the room.  Try not to be distracted by what you plan to do later. Maintain your spotlight focus.

Step 4. After you’ve focused on your last object, close your eyes for a few breaths.


My Body Breathes


Checking in on breathing helps your mind focus on the present moment – what’s happening right now.

Step 1. Lay down on the floor or on your bed.

Step 2. Rest your hands on each side of your ribcage.  Breathe normally and concentrate on the movement of your ribs are you breathe.  Notice which way your ribs move when you breathe in, or inhale, and when you breather out, or exhale. Can you feel your ribcage pushing your fingers and thumbs apart as you breathe in?

Try this - Rest your hands on your stomach and breath in, letting your hands lift off your tummy, as if they are on the surface of a balloon that is being blown up.  As you breathe out, let your hands return to your stomach, as if the balloon is deflating. Repeat several times.


Optional - Take a mindful walk with your family


Go for a walk around your local area – use all your senses to take it in.


Use your …

eyes to notice everything around you. Look at all the different shapes, colours, and sizes of everything you see.

sense of touch to make your aware of temperature and textures. Hold a twig in your hand – how does it feel? Is it heavy or light?

sense of smell to detect any smells you may find. These can be challenging to find – be still and close your eyes – let your nose do its job. What can you smell?

hearing to detect up-close sounds and others in the distance. Pause and listen closely for hard-to-hear sounds.