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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin


Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. . . This week’s homework. Hooray!


You are going to LOVE this one!  Your task is to watch the trailer for the new Illumination film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ and then:


  1. Think about your target audience

  2. Generate a list of amazing adjectives to describe the film

  3. Put your best words into Groups of Three remembering to experiment with the word order – make as many groups as you can!

  4. Put your Groups of Three into powerful sentences that will convince me to go and see the film

  5. Come up with a few rhetorical questions to encourage your target audience to go and see the film – you could aim different questions at parents and children

  6. Come up with a snappy slogan to ‘sell’ the film and stick in your audience’s mind.


Record and present this work as you wish – on paper, posters, PowerPoint.  It’s entirely up to you.  We will be sharing these in English next Friday so be ready!


Having been staggered at how few slogans you all can remember, you must come to school next Friday with a list of 20 slogans and the brands  they advertise.  It's an excuse to watch more television! ;-)





Please come to school on Monday in your PE kit ready to dance the day away!

Another super busy week in 4DT!

We’ve been rushed off our feet as usual and largely staying out of mischief.  We’ve been:

  • Playing traditional Chinese music

  • Composing our own Chinese music

  • Getting down with data

  • Becoming advertising executives

  • Performing poetry

  • Singing and globe trotting!

Now we’re all exhausted and ready for a rest!

Check out the video below of half our class performing ‘The Anteater’ by Roald Dahl.

The Anteater

This is "The Anteater" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Homework Alert!

After a photocopying fiasco today, please accept my apologies for the lack of homework today.  I’m sure you’re all devastated!  Please find an e-copy below for those of you desperate to get started, otherwise paper copies will be given on Monday.

Mrs D

Eisteddfod Alert!

Please find below a copy of the words to this year’s house song ‘Ar Lan y Môr'.  We’ve started learning it this week and you have all done brilliantly, but we’d love you to start working on the words at home as well. 

Diolch yn fawr iawn, pawb!

The Cow Final Version

This is "The Cow Final Version" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mental Maths

For any of you wanting to go over the types of mental maths questions we’re doing together on Fridays, please find a few examples below.

Hooray!  Homework!

Out: 22/1/16          In: 29/1/16

It’s another great one this week!  We’ve been learning all about performance poetry this week: how to be expressive, how to use the rhythm and rhyme, when to change the pace and volume etc. etc. etc.  Your task now is to learn a poem of your choice off by heart and perform it to your family/friends.  You have filled in your own success criteria below (the things you need to work on specifically) and those are what your family are looking for.  We will be asking to see some of these performances next Friday, so make sure you do it and be ready!  If you are able, we would LOVE to see video of your performing to your audience, you can bring those in on Friday too. 


Search online or look in books you have at home, or borrow from the library for poems to choose from.  Happy hunting!

Pick 'n' Mix Poetry

I have been SO impressed by the quality of the poems you wrote last week for homework, that I have decided to publish them all.  Well done, 4DT.  You are all my perfect poets!  Look out for your poem below.


Performance Poetry

How exciting!  This week we have been learning how to perform poetry in the most effective, interesting and dramatic way.  The class have been split in two, with half working on The Cow and the half working on The Anteater, both by Roald Dahl.  Please, please, please make a huge effort to learn your section tonight so that we can record tomorrow.  The performances will be published on our web page, so do your best.


Find copies of the poem below.


Mrs D J


Kenning Poetry

These poems started off in England centuries ago when something was described without using its name.  Anglo Saxons often used kennings to name their swords: throat slitter.  A poem made from kennings is a list of expressions about one subject.  Each item on the list is usually made up of two words.  We’ve been writing our own kennings today.  See if you can guess what they’re about!


Sun dozer

Lazy poser

Animal killer

Tummy filler

Under cover

Cub lover

Loud roarer

Meat storer

Prey chaser

Feline racer


By 4DT


Home stayer

Fair player

Bush hider

Leaf glider

Slow racer

Lettuce chaser

Gender switcher

Antennae twitcher

Slimy walker

Quiet talker

Veggie lover

Shell cover


By Isabella & Phoebe


Ear wiggler

Mouth twiggler

Compost cruncher

Food muncher

Pink snorter

Drinks water

Mud lover

Pink cover


By Ansh & Elanna


Late sleeper

Secret keeper

Sofa hogger

Slow jogger

Street walker

Quiet talker

Bed taker

Trouble maker

Fence climber

Tree hider

Mouse chaser

Mad racer


By Katie & Will R







Have a look at our curriculum map for this half term - lots of exciting things coming up!

You'll find the document below.

Happy Christmas!

Mrs Turner and I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the thoughtful and generous gifts you and your lovely children have given us this Christmas. We are very lucky ladies! Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you in January for the next part of the adventure. Joyeux Noël! 

Mrs D x




It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . .


We've been having a wonderful time in 4DT this week:

  • A super performance of 'Prickly Hay' by the Infants,
  • An amazing trip to St Denys Church for our Junior Carol Service,
  • Our film premiere of 'Christmas is a Comin' to Key Stage 2',
  • ICANS challenges and stalls selling wonderful Christmassy wares,
  • Making our pop-up books in DT,
  • Creating cracking Christmas cards,
  • Finishing our Father Christmas Diaries and
  • Artfully making spectacular gingerbread decorations for our Christmas trees and it's still only Thursday!!!


A Sneak Preview. . .

Have a look at the document below for the first view of our Father Chirstmas Diaries.  Introducing the writing talents of Matthew Douglas, the faster typist in LPS!!!

Terrible Tudors!


Year 4 are off again, this time to Llancaiach Fawr for a 'real life Tudor experience'.  We'll be having a tour of the great house as well as meeting the servants, visiting the armoury, the kitchen, making plague bags and completing a medicine chest workshop.  We're off on Thursday 3rd December and would really appreciate some parent help, so if we've captured your imagination, please complete the form that will come home tomorrow and let us know.  Feel free to peruse the website for a little sneak preview!


Off with her head!


We are very excited to be starting our new topic all about The Tudors.  There are thrills and spills aplenty ahead, so we do hope you aren't squeamish! From Henry VIII and his wives to barber surgeons and medicine to life for children at the time, we have been asked some very interesting questions! 


As you know by now, we love to learn through song, so watch this space for some musical highlights!

How much do you know about this famous line up?

School Photographs


Just a little reminder that the children will be having their individual school photographs taken on Monday 9th November.  Please remember to send your child to school in uniform rather than the usual PE kit. It'll be a disaster if they look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards! 






Parents' Evening


Thank you all for returning your parents' evening slips and making the time to come and see us.  Your children's books will be in the corridor - please have a look through, appreciate their hard work and enjoy our corridor display.  We look forward to seeing you and meeting those of you whom we haven't met already!



  The children have been thoroughly engaged, fascinated by what they've learned and ready with some very thoughtful questions.  We've explored the main beliefs, learned about daily routines, made Eid cookies, made our own mehndi designs and produced some amazing artwork.  Come and have a look at our dynamic display! 




Abyan gave us a fantastic talk about what his life is like as a young Muslim child. He told us so much about his beliefs, his daily routines and his family's special days. Thank you Abyan, you did a great job! Have a look at his PowerPoint below.

Mamma Mia, here I go again!


Well what an amazing few weeks we've had!  Year 4 kicked things off with a bang learning all about popular music, instruments, rhythm, melody and most fun of all; ABBA!  The children worked so hard alongside 4RJ to learn the song,  play new instruments, read simple rhythmic and melodic notation and perform with style.  One of the highlights was our pupil-led Music Master Class, in which instrumentalists from the year group performed and explained how they are played and what their learning is like. 


Most of all, we would like to thank you for supporting our 'gig'.  The children absolutely loved performing to you, and I hope you agree that it really was a world class performance!  (But if I never hear that song again. . .) surprise

The Litter Pick


We had a fantastically productive afternoon on The Great Llysfaen Litter Pick today.  The children worked tirelessly to clean up our local area armed with hi-vis, gloves, litter pickers and bin bags.  We tackled route to and from the shops and the pub and brought back a huge amount of rubbish.  Our children were sensible, polite and ready to get stuck in - they were desperate to get mucky!


Well done 4DT, you really made a difference today!



Croeso i 4DT


Well, it's the start of another busy academic year here at Llysfaen and we've hit the ground running!


We hope you find the following useful:


PE is Monday and Tuesday - please ensure your child has full school kit including appropriate footwear.


Reading books will be changed on Thursdays if children have read with an adult at home.


Homework will be given on Tuesdays and due in the following Tuesday.


We have been assessing spelling for the first two weeks and spelling words will be given on Monday and tested the following Monday.


Maths home work this week is commit the three times table to memory and be able to recall it quickly and out of sequence. 


Thank you for your support!