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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Return to School

Hello again everyone! 


Year 1 were little superstars coming into school last week and we are really looking forward to seeing them again this week. It was great to chat to the children that didn’t come in on the phone too and we will give them another call for one final ‘catch-up’. We really cannot believe that it’s the last week of term already - we are sad that we haven’t been able to spend the whole year with you  in school Year 1 - you have been fantastic at home though so well done!  


This week the teachers have arranged some non-contact, socially distanced ‘Sports Day’ events and challenges and will be keeping a total of the points collected for each house throughout the week. The winning house will be announced on Thursday. Please, if possible, send your child into school wearing their house colour next week.  


If you would like to take part at home then send us a video of your child doing the event (or a similar one) and we will award the house points for their house! Don’t forget to tell us what house colour they are. Please see below for the events that Year 1 will be participating in. 


This week we will be focusing on:

  • ‘Sports Day’ events/sporting challenges with a competitive element!

  • Structured and unstructured time to play and chat to their friends and teachers. 

  • A chance to share some things to introduce themselves to their next teacher.


**We will also be sending the children’s school books home with them along with any display work. If your child is not in school, we will give their books etc to their next teacher and they can take them home in September. 


Thank you once again for your support this year!


Year 1 sporting events/challenges

  • Egg & spoon race

  • Obstacle race

  • Shuttle run (run to the first cone and back, to the next cone and back and to the third cone and back)

  • Long jump

  • Target throw (how many balls can you throw into a bucket/tub in 1 minute?)