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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Year 5 / Blwyddyn 5

Dear Parents


During our last week we will be focusing on:

  • completing our individual school reports based on the learners own experiences and reflections of the school year smiley 

  • having fun engaging in sports day challenges and races


​​​​​​All the challenges/races will be awarded house points and most of them (if not all) could be completed in the house if the weather is bad with maybe a little adaptation!  House points will be awarded differently depending on the activity set.


Timed Fitness Challenges: 


These will be set into 3 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and every child will achieve house points.


Race Type Challenges:

1st place  - 20 house points

2nd place - 10 house points

3rd place - 5 house points


There will be an overall winner of the day who would be awarded an extra 10 house points.

We will be uploading a 'Y5 Sports Day Agenda' to the Y5 Google Classroom and to our school website class page tomorrow so for those of you who are unable to come into school you can still join in on the fun by sending us a video of you in action with a timer on display in the background if possible ;-).  We can add your points for the fitness challenges to the overall scores ;-) Wear your house colour too to make sure we award your points to the correct house. 


We appreciate it may not be possible/feasible to complete the race type challenges especially if you are an only child and/or have limited outdoor space. Perhaps you could get other family members involved just for a bit of fun.


Pob Lwc!

Go Ty Coch, Ty Gwyrdd, Ty Glas and Ty Melyn

Let the best house win!wink






Croeso i Flwyddyn 5!

We are very excited about our Chocolate Bar Challenge as part of our Express yourself theme and we're looking forward to showing off our enterprising and creative talents as the term progresses.

Express Yourself - Chocolate Bar Challenge

The Truth is Out There ...

Our second topic of the year is ‘The Truth is out there...’


Your mission (should you wish to accept) is to uncover the truth behind conspiracy
theories, fake news and online images.


As investigative journalists you will put your reading and research skills to excellent use as you delve deeper to uncover some of the rumours, lies and myths from the past and the present.


At the end of your mission you will be required to make a documentary film based on your findings.


Good luck and remember… the truth is out there!

Stand Up For Your Rights

It's time for the launch of our Spring term topic: Stand up for your Rights!


We will be delving into the past, travelling all over the world and looking to the future to find out more about Children’s Rights.



What are your rights?

Are they the same all over the world?

What is being done to make sure all children have the same rights?

Have children always had these rights?

How has life changed for children since the Victorian times?

How do people fight for their rights?

What rights will children have in the future?


Your final task will be to develop your own website/web page linked to our topic.

St David's Day Poetry Recital Audio File

Still image for this video
Please use this audio file to help you learn the poem which is your homework for this week. Pob Lwc!