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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Autumn Term

What a fantastic first half term we have had! We started our Junior Journey with the celebration of the wonderful Roald Dahl. Our focus book was ‘The Twits’ and we had a lot of fun imagining tricks, writing chapters, creating our own beards and describing the disgusting Twits as characters. We also had to decorate our door to represent our book which gave us all an excuse to be a real ‘bunch of twits!’


Our Science topic was called ‘The Big Dip’ and we managed to pack in lots of learning whilst settling into the different classroom routine! We’ve had a bustling half term pond dipping, habitat hunting, life cycle learning, fact-file making on the pond’s fascinating wildlife and we even learned how land and pond plants have adapted to their environment. WOW! The children’s attitude and enthusiasm towards learning have been amazing and we’re lucky enough that this topic will continue throughout this half term.


Not only have we been busy learning throughout our topics, we've improved and developed our athletic skills in running, throwing and jumping and we choreographed a dance to 'Singing in the Rain' by Gene Kelly that included unison, cannon and mirroring. They were fantastic and would make anyone want to dance in the rain!


We’re now looking forward to taking a step back in time with our ‘Creative Celts’ topic. Well done 3LB, I'm so proud of you – keep up the great work! J


Miss B x