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Step by step guide.

Step 1: On your smart device (phone, tablet, ipad etc.) download the free SeeSaw app.                                                                                  


Step 2: Open the app. You will see a screen with two buttons: 'I'm a Teacher', 'I'm a Student'. Click the 'I'm a Student' button.

Step 3: A smaller box should pop up showing your camera feed (you may need to allow the app access to your camera if it asks). Point the camera towards the class QR code or input your code. (we should have provided this before your child left school. If your child was not in school a parent mail should have been sent to you).


Step 4: When the code is scanned, you will be on the home screen for Year 1 Home Learning. You will see 3 buttons on the right hand side of the screen: 'Journal', 'Activities', 'Inbox'. All new home learning activities will be posted into the 'Activities' section so click on the 'Activities' button (the one with the lightbulb).


Step 5: The tasks for that day will be present in this 'Activities' section. Choose the task you'd like your child to do and click on it for more details (there will be a text explanation and sometimes there may even be a video to accompany the task).


Step 6: Do the task with your child and enjoy!


Step 7: The task will have specified if you are to take a picture or a video in order to share your child's work with us. To do this (see bellow for pictured steps): 

  • Click on the the green 'Add Response' button. 
  • Choose 'photo' or 'video' depending on the task.
  • Take the photo/video.
  • Click the green tick in the top right corner to post it onto the SeeSaw.



We will have to approve every response so don't panic if you don't see your video/photo straight away. Your children will have done this process many times in school and are quite familiar with how to do so.


We appreciate that this may seem more complicated than using the weekly planning on the website but we whole-heartedly believe that using SeeSaw will be of a much bigger benefit to both your child's learning and enjoyment of learning at home.