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Brilliant Blogs

Brilliant Blogs

Our journey on the bus was tiring and made us all restless but we were all ready to start the adventure ahead. When we looked out the window, there it was - Stackpole. 
Even though everyone was tired we were still so excited and couldn’t wait to explore the landscape and start the activities. We got off the bus and we went into the cafeteria and discussed the activity ahead which was a walk to explore the beautiful views and landscape of Stackpole. The sights were amazing and so were the beaches where we found caves and sand dunes.
On Tuesday we went rock pooling and climbing, they were both great fun but the beach where we did rock pooling was ssssoooooo windy that we nearly fell over into the rock pools; some of us did (Oliver). The climbing wall was very steep and most of us only got half way. 
The next day we went on a coast walk and did one of the favourites coasteering which was just amazing, diving under and bodysurfing through the colossal waves which crashed on our heads and made us tumble over. We also climbed up rock faces and abseiled down. So much fun!     
On Thursday we did orienteering and biking which were both fantastic activities but me and Oliver decided that biking was the best activity of the week. The orienteering was in the woods where we collected pin stamps on wooden stumps and also where the Campbell’s had a couple of crocodiles but they had to release them into wild, also known as the marsh and they still live there today!
A few visitors said they have seen them but the leaders had only seen movement in the water which was bigger than an otter.  
On the final day we were much more tired than when we arrived. But one more activity was ahead - The Big Beach Clean. It was all about conserving the Stackpole estate. We picked up litter and covered ourselves with sand and wrote STACKPOLE in it. 
After all the fun on the beach we walked back to the centre and had lunch, then put our bags on the bus, waved goodbye to the instructors and we left L.   
Stackpole was a never-forgetting experience and we thank all the leaders and teachers for all of their help and confidence to push us all the wa,y especially the ones we were scared of! ThanksJ.
By Oliver and Calyn

  Super Stackpole
Hello! This is the blog about our amazing time at Stackpole!
After a long boring bus ride we finally arrived at the Stackpole centre. We all went to unpack our bags and found the task of putting sheets on our beds quite difficult!
When we’d finally got untangled from our bed sheets, we went outside and got into groups for our first exciting activity. We all went to explore the wonders of the Pembrokeshire coast!
After that day all of the groups went in different directions. By the end of the week we had completed all of these activities: Coasteering, Coastal walk, Woods and Orienteering, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Rocky Shore (Rock Pooling) and the BIG Beach clean-up!
One of our many favourite activities was coasteering because it was unusual and we have never taken part in an activity like it. It is a memory that we will never forget!
We were all very sad waking up on Friday as we all knew that this was the last time we would wake up in these beds!
After we had our last ever lunch and day at Stackpole we got all our bags onto the bus and started the long journey home…
Cara and Sophie
Stackpole blog…
As we jumped onto the bus and threw our bags in the hold with excitement, everyone was waving to their parents and the journey began…Finally we arrived at Stackpole and we took all our bags off the bus with confusion. We were all astounded by the wonderful views from our rooms. We unpacked and got a bit stuck with duvet covers. Then, everyone gathered at park central to form our groups, our group was the crabs (obviously the best).
We went on an exploration in the same afternoon, it was very inspiring, learning all about the environment and the history of Stackpole. When evening came and we finished our diaries we had an ok sleep (it was a terrible sleep to be honest). Tuesday came and the challenges began, the wet suits had arrived! It was our turn for coasteering. As the wet suits haunted us in the mini bus, we arrived at the Stackpole Quay. As we waddled along the cliffs to bounty beach (Barafundle), we were filled with excitement. We went exploring in the caves, climbing rocks and swimming in the sea and jumping in the waves. We went back to the centre and got ready for the next activity. Our next activity was a coastal walk where we went to Stackpole Head (we were lucky enough to see a seal) and back to Barafundle, the walk was really fun and adventurous. Eventually we had run out of time so we went back to the centre.
 Orienteering came and that was really fun and our team found all the checkpoints with a couple of delays as well. After lunch was biking and it was very muddy so we went back a bit early.
The next day was rock climbing which was legendary and we whizzed up the wall. After that we did rocky shore rock pooling and we found crabs and sea stars and 3 fish! The next day was unfortunately the last of our experience but we finished off with the big Broad Haven beach clean.  As we got on the bus and travelled home we thought to ourselves how fun it was…   by Dylan and Sam 

It all started with a long boring bus journey but from the second we got there it was pure fun.
        The first activity was exploring Stackpole there were so many gorgeous views, that were mind blowing and it was also very tiring running around. After exploring, we returned to the centre would be staying. Then we went to the common room where we played games and chatted to each other. We ate sausages and mash yum.
        On Tuesday it started with rock climbing - we managed to get to the top of the wall with a relaxing abseil down. We also caught lots of fish, shrimp and crabs when we went rock pooling.
        On Wednesday we went coasteering, it was an awesome experience and the water was freezing. We also went in lots caves and did body surfing. That day there was also the coastal walk up on Stackpole head, the winds were nearly 70mph and we almost got blown of our feet.
        The next day we went on a refreshing bike ride and we all whizzed through the ride then we came to a stream and Caitlin fell face first in to it. After we showered we went to the woods to do orienteering. Matt the instructor made our group do it three times and we still won!    
        Friday was the last day of Stackpole and it was one to be remembered as we visited the beach to do the beach clean and there was loads of rubbish! Then we hopped on the bus back to school. Oh no we were so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Alfie and Christian

Well, what can I say?! Coasteering, rock climbing and biking are all great activities!
Coasteering was the best so far!!!! We all struggled to put tight, black wetsuits on but we were so excited we kept going. When we got in the water some people did double back flips. Screaming with laughter and enjoyment we got back up, but the wave knocked us down all over again!
          Next was biking and in the Starfish group, Scott & Eilidh almost fell off a cliff. Thank you trees!!! Caitlin fell in the water while she was riding in a stream!! She was soaked!  
          One of the funniest moments was during rock climbing! Well, Lucy Haslam was in a perfect position for abseiling down a wall but she slipped at the perfect moment onto her behind right when Miss Rowland’s said WELL DONE!!!   
          The main reason we went on our super trip to Stackpole was to achieve our John Muir award. The four sections were: Discover, Explore, Conserve and finally share. I’m sure everyone will want to say:
By Eilidh & Rebekah J

Stackpole Blog
In Stackpole we had an amazing time but unfortunately it went too quickly, but looking back makes all of us laugh!
On Monday we arrived with astonished faces, not sure what to expect! To start our amazing journey we went on a long walk around Stackpole. We went to Broad Haven beach and stared at the magnificent church rock.
By the time we came back we were all wacked but had tea and settled down in our bedrooms for an amazing week ahead.
On Tuesday we went to the climbing wall and all of us managed to get over half way.
But Wednesday was the big day we had all been waiting for, “COASTEERING!!!” We all agreed this was by far the best activity, climbing in caves, getting pulled under the sea by the huge waves and playing on the soft sand on the stunning Barafundle beach.
Over the last part of the week we went biking round the woods and the beautiful estate of the fabulous Stackpole. We also went orienteering with another group and pushed ourselves through Lodge Park wood and back.
By the final day we were literally dragging ourselves to our final activity which was the big beach clean.
Stackpole was truly amazing. For Years five and four, its Definitely something to look forward to. But if we had to sum up Stackpole in one word, it would be breath-taking.  
By Emily and Elin :)
Stackpole blog
Our whole year enjoyed a super fun week in Stackpole. We did some once in a life time activities like rock climbing, coasteering, walking, rock pooling, biking and orienteering. As well as doing all of the activities, we also saw some amazing creatures such as; herons, pikes, otters, seals and rabbits!
On the first day, when we were walking through the beautiful scenery, we spotted some windows in the cliff side. So we walked over there and there was a chapel. The chapel was called St. Govans chapel and our instructor told us to look for a golden bell in a rock but we did not find it!
On Tuesday we went coasteering and we got caught in a few big waves as the tide was coming in! While we were coasteering we visited a cave where the male voice choir sing to practice - what a cool adventure we had!
When we went biking we took monkey with us! We pedalled all of the way up the hills and through the rivers in Cheriton Bottom. When we got to the top we had a nice big drink at the church. On our way back down I was carrying monkey and went a bit over the top with going through the puddles and monkey got soaked!
What a great adventure year 6 had in Stackpole thanks! Harriet Beattie
Our Stackpole blog
Our experience at Stackpole was amazing. We did all sorts of fantastic activities. On Monday we set off for Stackpole. When we got there we went on a massive walk to Broad Haven beach and explored the rest of Stackpole (most of it).
On Tuesday we started off with rock climbing and ended up with muddy bottoms and bruises! Then in the afternoon we went West Angle beach to do rock pooling but we nearly got blown away. This was the first night so we up chatting until very late.
On Wednesday we went to Barafundle beach for Coasteering, the day all of us were looking forward to. It was the best activity by far. In the afternoon we went on a massive coast walk up to Stackpole Head. What a day that was.
On Thursday we went for a refreshing bike ride. The first faller was Amelia. Later on in the afternoon we set off to the woods to do orienteering. It was nothing like we thought.
Friday was our last day in Stackpole. After we had our yummy breakfast, we set of to Broad Haven beach for the big beach clean. Then we headed back to the centre, had lunch, got on the bus and we headed home.
Stackpole blog
Tears were everywhere (not just us children) as we set off to Stackpole.
After a long journey we finally arrived.
We found our rooms and then started to unpack our suitcases. Then the trouble started… making our beds! After a huge struggle and several children getting stuck under their duvet we finally did it.
We then were split up into groups and started our first activity by going on a long walk to explore Stackpole. Just on the first day we managed to walk nearly all of the Stackpole estate. After several muddy bottoms and wet wellies we finally returned to the centre as tired as we could be but as soon as we were changed we were all ready for our tea YUM! Then it went a bit downhill when we discovered that there were quite a few jobs to do. . .
The best day was Tuesday because we did coasteering which was epic! We started off with a gigantic problem which was putting on our wet suits (the biggest moans came from us who as the smallest and the most talkative found it really hard!). After several attempts to find matching wet suit socks we finally got onto the mini bus and headed out to the beach. We began by exploring caves (and tripping over rocks) we then swam to Rhino Rock wonder why it’s called that...  After a tremendous hike we had lunch and set off on another walk.
The hardest activities were biking and orienteering!  Orienteering was quite muddling because we had to go around the woods trying to find the numbers and stamp the numbers on the sheet, then bring it back to the summer house which was hard because we got lost!
After that we headed back to the centre to have lunch. The bikes were hard because we had confusing gears which some of us go muddled up on, and we won’t forget some of us falling off the bikes.
Back at the centre we started our night game of dodge ball which was so fun and we could see the leadership in each other because we were split up into teams!
So that was a brief summary of our Yr. 6 trip to Stackpole, Pembrokeshire! Thank you to all the teachers’ parents and a massive thank you to the Stackpole staff for making our last residential trip the best!
By Lauren and Saiba!
Stackpole- our wonderful adventure!
The bus was buzzing with excitement as we pulled up at the centre. We all smelt the aroma of cow pat! Yuck! We were sorted into our rooms and the most memorable activity started, UNPACKING!  The duvet covers were virtually impossible to put on. We loved our room mates but we didn’t know what they were going to be like at night…
Another memorable activity was the coasteering- it was so much more than jumping off rocks. It was caving, climbing, exploring and swimming at the same time. Don’t worry if you are not a strong swimmer, buoyancy aids will help.
Rocky shore – not what everyone would choose. The words that everyone chose to describe it before the activity was boring and a waste of time. However after the activity we felt quite proud of the fact we caught a crab or a fish or even a starfish (they say it’s called a sea star) and the words we now choose to describe it are EPIC and unforgettable.  
Rock climbing, rocky shore (rock pooling), coastal walk- the activities just go on. The whole day was planned for and you are expected to follow their criteria in every single way- but the one thing we didn’t follow was… Bedtime! Like we said earlier, we didn’t know each other’s habits, so on the first night it was a mess. Some of us couldn’t get to sleep, some were chatting and laughing and others were just snoring away. One way or another we all got to sleep in the end.
Coasteering isn’t just about jumping of rocks into water and rocky shore is worth being mentioned- In other words Stackpole is FULL of surprises!


Stackpole Blog
Over the course our experience we did coasteering, mountain biking and rock pooling these were awesome activities but the reason we went on this journey was because of the John Muir award. The elements of this award are explore, discover, conserve and share. We have nearly completed our John Muir award and this is part of the share section…
The coasteering was good and the rockpooling was fun but the best activity was… Mountain biking! Sam and Alex were always in front and Sam had a few tumbles and Alex cycled full speed into a bush! Alex cycled out like nothing ever happened and carried on.
The food was great like sausages, sweet and sour chicken and chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate custard. It was legendary! The Salad bar was great food they had ham, rolls, couscous and cakes.
The accommodation was lovely as the rooms were spacious and the pidgeon holes were useful and helpful as they gave us more space in the room.     
Stackpole was the best trip ever in our school experience yet!   Sam and Alex
Stackpole Blog!
During our 5 days at Stackpole we did many things, including going on an interesting tour of the Stackpole estate and finding out loads of information.   
Mountain bike rides and getting muddy was the best part of Tuesday, but furthermore we went to the woods and did Orienteering. We picked loads of Lorrel to help the environment and played a game with a map which you had to follow to get all the stamps and bring it back to base to win.
Climbing was really energetic and fun. We put on safety equipment such as Helmet and Harness so we wouldn’t badly hurt ourselves. Our instructor told us how Rock Climbing Works, then we started! Some of us were Abseiling down and slipped on the rocks and face or bottom planted.
Thursday was the best day ever, Coasteering. Coasteering is a fun sport once you get to know how to do it. We got on our Wet Suits and our Helmets and we set off on the minibus to Barafundle Beach. We arrived at Barafundle beach and gazed at the amazing view, then raced into the waves. We didn’t know it was that cold so we were all freezing for a minute but then we got used to the coldness so it wasn’t that bad. We loved the waves crashing into our faces and water getting into our shoes and wet suits.
Friday was ‘The big beach clean’. Loads of Plastic, Wood, Glass and pieces of rope dumped on to the beach had to be picked up with gardening gloves and were put in a plastic bag so no animals or creatures would get injured.
Coming back to Cardiff was tiring because of all the activities and not sleeping in the night because of laughter.
By Friday afternoon we were ALL at home in bed because we were too exhausted to do anything else!
Connie, Funmi and Arya