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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Spring Term

Year 3s have definitely been busy little bees and their hard work has continued this Spring Term. We’ve delved into our new topic ‘Gods and Gladiators’ and have learned many fascinating things about the Romans and their lifestyle. We went on a trip to the National Roman Legion Museum where we experienced what life would have been like and despite the miserable weather, we were able to walk into the amphitheatre and imagine how the Gladiators would have felt. Thank goodness we had wellies!

Throughout the topic we have applied our literacy and numeracy skills and we have also started a mosaic Art project where the children have explored mosaics and Roman Gods. This term they will be designing and making their own mosaic piece. Can’t wait!

In the midst of all of this, we launched a ‘Pioneer’s Fortnight called ‘Ticket to Ride’, which was extremely exciting, especially as it started with a fairground in our playground! The children designed and created their own structures out of Lego based on this title. But this was only the 'start of the ride'! They then had to plan and create a stop motion animation in small groups, bringing their Lego structures to life! We are sure that many of you will agree in saying that they were sensational and completely exceeded our expectations. If you haven’t already seen them (or would like to see them again!), please visit our class page on the school website. What a super fortnight of learning opportunities and experiences.

We now look forward to continuing and finishing our ‘Gods and Gladiators’ topic this term. We have many exciting activities planned and we can’t wait to start practicing our ‘Year Group Class Assembly’ to showcase all our hard work. Let the countdown begin!

We will also be trained as Roman Soldiers by a legionary soldier very soon...let's get our shields at the ready!

Thanks once again for all your continued support,

Miss B x.

Our Topic Mind map for this term - Gods and Gladiators