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Our Rocky Road Challenge!

Our Rocky Road Challenge!

Our rocky road challenge consisted of many challenges! First we had to use our mathematical skills to solve the Maths problems to work out the amount of each ingredient.
Then, we had to research a supermarket to calculate the total cost of this recipe!
Next, we had to sequence and organise the recipe so that it made sense!
Then we came together as a year group to discuss the different costs for each supermarket.....which one would be most cost effective?
Surprisingly Sainsburys worked out cheaper but when considering the delivery cost, it became more expensive. Asdas was the cheapest overall so we took it in turns to set up an online delivery to the school!
Today the ingredients were delivered and we worked together as a team to make our rocky roads!
They were a real success and we had lots of fun making them! Let's hope they taste just as good!