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Our NSPCC Workout Challenge!

Our NSPCC Workout Challenge!

4LB really did work their little socks off today!

We had decided that we wanted to do workout in which we could all enjoy and take part, so we paired up and each pair designed and thought of their own station! We had football-based ones, hoola hooping, pull-ups, wheel barrow racing, burpees, tennis, sprints,basket ball.....all sorts! You name it an we had it!

The Year 6's kindly offered to help us so we had words of encouragement and support on each station!

EVERYONE completed each station for a minute with 1 minute in between - they were SUPERB! Their attitude, positivity, persistence, and determination was a credit to them all and by the end we all had healthy little red faces!

What a way to start the day! It's a shame we can't do it everyday! 

Thank you 4LB, you really were little superstars! I'm so proud of you.....definitely can start collecting your sponsors!

P.S. For some reason the photos have saved in start from the last page and work backwards if you want to view them in order!! We didn't start off on the floor exhausted (honest!)