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Our Cheeky Monkey Challenges!

Our Cheeky Monkey Challenges!

Well, well, well....what can I say?! As a class we discussed many different things that we could do linked with the number 26 and we had fantastic ideas!

Then we did a vote and we decided to complete two of our ideas: 26 Workout stations (26 seconds on each station!) and 26 minute silence AND we also realised that there would be 26 children in on that day! How cool is that?!

So! Today is the day!
First we completed our sponsored silence (some in their pyjamas!) and it surprisingly went very quickly! We put the radio on and carried on with sewing our travel pillows with the countdown clock on the whiteboard! It was bliss!

Then after play we set out our workout stations! Everybody took part and tried really hard....26 seconds can feel like a really long time when trying to hold yourself on a monkey bar! We were all quite tired out and red faced by the end! BUT we all completed it and raised a massive cheer!

Sleepy lions was definitely a lovely way to calm down before lunch!