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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Coed Glas Football Matches

We had two matches Vs Coed Glas last week, the girls playing on Monday and the boys on Thursday. The girls football match was an amazing game as it was 20-2 to us and and another 5-1 win which in the end we came out with 2 amazing wins for Llysfaen Primary. And with the man of the match being Emilia and Claudia.


Emilia stated that, 'Our defence was very good and our attack was impressive. The opposing team was also good as they progressed over the game.'

Maja added that, 'everyone played well and we had a fair game, a big thank you to Coed Glas.'


On Thursday our year 6 mixed team played coed glas away, there were two teams, on pitch 1 Llysfaen came out with a 11-0 win but on pitch 2 in the first half they were playing well. But at half time they thought they already had won, but Coed Glas made a comeback to make the score 4-4. Our player of the match on pitch 1 was Lucia and on pitch 2 it was Jago.