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Llysfaen Primary; a highly inclusive, successful and happy school with exceptional standards!

During a recent Estyn inspection Llysfaen Primary School has been recognised as a ‘successful and happy school with high standards permeating all aspects of its life and work’.


Inspectors from Estyn, commended the school for the often ‘exceptional’ standards achieved by the pupils and exceptionally strong leadership provided by the headteacher, governors and other senior leaders.


The report highlights the ambitious, relevant curriculum based on the principles of the Curriculum for Wales and the leading role pupils play in influencing the planning of their learning. Staff were found to provide well-thought out and stimulating learning experiences for pupils to thrive and enjoy their learning including an extensive range of trips and visits.


The governing body were also found to be ‘exceptionally effective’ and through their involvement in regular self-evaluation activities, governors have a secure understanding of the quality of provision and standards at the school and use this knowledge well to both support and to offer a high level of challenge to the school leaders.


The positive report, also identified a number of ‘Cameos’, or examples of ‘Best Practice’. The first being the school’s provision for developing pupils’ Welsh skills and their knowledge of the history, culture and people of Wales (‘cynefin’) which was found to be ‘highly effective’. The inspectors recognised that the school environment and curriculum provide meaningful opportunities for pupils to learn about the culture and heritage of Wales.


The second cameo was the school’s provision for pupils with ALN which was also found to be ‘exceptional’.


Headteacher Melanie Jenkins expressed her delight with the report, highlighting the tireless efforts by staff to guarantee the best for every student. She praised their dedication and hard work in cultivating a nurturing, inclusive, and lively school environment, as well as crafting an engaging and pertinent curriculum that helps pupils excel.


Mrs Jenkins highlighted Estyn's recognition of Llysfaen being a ‘highly inclusive school’ with beneficial provision to support pupils’ personal development and well-being. She supported their observations that staff wok hard to create a caring and friendly ethos that ensures all pupils have the opportunity to thrive.


Cardiff Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Sarah Merry, commented, “I was delighted to read the recent Estyn report for Llysfaen Primary School." "It was lovely to see that the report specifically recognises that nearly all pupils, including those with additional learning needs (ALN), make very strong progress, and that the well-planned curriculum and wider curricular opportunities provide pupils with authentic and exciting learning experiences..”


She also commended Mrs Jenkins for her personal leadership of the school, as well as the hard work of staff, governors and pupils and congratulated all involved.


At the time of the inspection, Llysfaen Primary School had 458 students enrolled. Of these, 4.4% are eligible for free school meals, 3.9% have additional learning needs, and 3.4% have English as an additional language.


To view the report in full please visit: