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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Nativity! (The better version of the film)

Year one and two have worked hard over the last two weeks to create a fabulous nativity. Over the last fortnight, they have performed three shows to the parents and children. The nativity was led by the staff from ks1. The animals played a huge part in the nativity and added humour to the show.


One child from year one said “ I enjoyed going on stage. It was awesome. I love seeing people in the crowd”.

A year two child said: “I liked that everyone got a part and everyone had a great time”.

Another child said “I liked the songs and I thought we were loud. I was happy I remembered my lines. My favourite song was "We're having a celebration.”

A Year one child: “I liked the singing and the songs”.

Mrs Smith (1CS); “I think the show went wonderfully. I loved it.”


The nativity was a smash hit and it was enjoyed by everyone. The children's confidence grew throughout the show and there were smiley faces all around.