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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Pedal Power in Year 6

Over the last two weeks Year 6 have had the amazing opportunity to have some amazing cycling instructors come into school and teach everyone how to be safe on the road whilst cycling! Each class had 4 days of the instructors helping to teach them the rules of the road. Each day they would help us build our confidence on bikes and it was a really fun and enjoyable experience.


One child from 6GJ said: the cycling was fun and we learnt a lot about cycling safely on the road.


A child in 6BC said: I learnt alot from the cycling instructor and they helped me gain confidence.


A child in 6GJ said: Cycling was really fun!


One child in 6BC: I thought that it was very fun because we got to learn new things.


They were super kind and helpful and we are so grateful to have had them come to our school.