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Remarkable Rotary Club Competition

On the 15th of March, the Rotary Club composition was held at Llanishen High School. Six children were selected from schools around Cardiff to compete. For the competition, the children had to write a speech about a topic of their choice. They then had to debate over the topic. Our very own Stella was selected to compete in the competition. Stella’s speech was about whether teachers should get paid as much as footballers.


The week before, each pupil from the year six classes wrote a speech about a topic of their choice. Once each speech was said and videoed, the teachers had the tough choice of deciding who would represent our school. In the end, Stella was chosen.


Sadly, Stella did not come in the top three. Stella said “I am very proud to have got as far as I did in the competition. Congratulations to the winners.”

Well done to everyone who participated in the competition.