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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Stellar School Trip (Year 2!)

On Friday the 3rd of May, Year 2 went on a school trip to Noah's Ark zoo. This was for their topic, the really wild show which has a theme of animals and wildlife. The children learnt about different animals and their environments. 


A child from year 2 said “I really liked the school trip. I had lots of fun. My favourite animals were the elephants and the gibbons. I also liked the millipede crawling over my hand. Its feet felt sticky.” 

Another child said “I liked the bus ride. The bus journey was very long but there were tv’s in the bus and we watched Mr Men. I also learnt that one of the elephants shared a birthday with my sister!”


All the children enjoyed the trip and learnt so much. Everyone was so well behaved and listened.  A massive thank you to the parents and teachers who came on this school trip.