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Primary School

Learn, Play, Laugh

Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Summary Of The Term!

Looking back from September,

The year’s been a ringer.

From the disco to anti-bullying,

And from house captains to Christmas dinner.


Let’s start with the sport,

There’s been a lot.

Games of netball and football,

Mostly won, but some not.


At the start,

House captains gave their speeches,

And the children voted who,

They wanted to be their leaders.


In October we had a disco.

There was a lot of excitement.

In November, anti-bullying week,

Taught us not to be frightened.


Later on,

Pupils learnt about Diwali and Hanukkah,

And the religions that celebrate them.

It went on Llysfaen primary’s calendar.



December, has had its peak,

In Llysfaen Christmas traditions.

They’re such a treat!


The year’s whizzed past,

So much has been done.

We’re looking forward to the next,

It will be a lot of fun.