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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Super Stackpole!

On Monday 22nd April, the year sixes set off on an exciting trip to Stackpole on a bus. Once they got there, after a long two hour journey they went to broad haven beach and they played football and dug deep holes! The evening activity was playing in a field. There was a swing and a football match, something for everyone!


On Tuesday, the children were split into Group A and group B and went with outer reef to do their activities. Group A went rock pooling whilst group B went raft building, then, after lunch, group A went raft building and group B braved the mud assault course. In the evening the children made garlic bread and had a quiz night. 


On Wednesday, after breakfast, Group A went surfing and group B went on a coastal walk. The second activities were just switched so Group A went on a coastal walk and Group B went surfing! The evening activity was the field again!


On Thursday group A did the mud assault course! Everyone was so wet and muddy! Group B went paddle boarding and had a race and did flips into the water! After lunch Group B went Rock pooling and Group a paddle boarded, doing more awesome stunts! The evening activities were making delicious, gooey, sticky smores and packing up since it was the last day.


On Friday the children packed the last bits into their bag before setting off towards the field. The children went on the invisible bridge on their way to the field and enjoyed looking at people on the invisible bridge from a distance because it looked like they were walking on water. Once they made it to the field, they split into small groups and went orienteering for about an hour, then went back to the Stackpole centre to collect their bags. The bus arrived and the children said their last goodbyes to Stackpole before travelling back home on the bus.