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Dysgu Chwarae Chwerthin

Year 5 wheelchair fencing.

On Thursday 11th January, Year five went to watch the wheelchair fencing world cup called the Sabre Competition. They had an awesome time! There were many fights during the wheelchair fencing world cup, some of the highlights that the year 5s really enjoyed was the flags that they got to wave back and forth and they got signatures of some of the best British wheelchair professionals there are.


Some of the teams that GB played were China, France and Hungary. They put up amazing fights, some even winning . Brazil also played China which nearly every year 5 said was an amazing fight. Not only did the year fives get to watch the World Cup they also got to go to the armoury room! Which is where they test the sabres (swords) used in the competition.


A year five child said: “ It was fun to watch and I liked waving the flags!”.


Another child from year 5 said: “I think it was really inspiring because the people playing were using their disabilities  as their strength!”. 


The year fives had an incredible time! We are so lucky as a school to have opportunities like this.